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Theirs is a love forged in the very circumstances that threaten to shatter them.

Turmoil sweeps through Emma Kinsley’s life in the wake of an unexpected tragedy. The difficult changes that follow are overwhelming, bending her spirit to the point of breaking. Until one fateful night, she is thrown a lifeline. An irresistibly handsome lifeline.

But the enigmatic saviour with ocean blue eyes is equally burdened…

Edward Donald’s reality is turned on its head when a hidden truth is suddenly made public. Consumed by the ensuing chaos and society’s harsh judgements, he escapes New York desperately seeking anonymity in the quaint town of St. Austell.

A chance encounter at the moonlit shores of Carlyon Bay…

Edward’s unwavering affection and gentle patience causes Emma to re-evaluate all she thought she knew. But as her walls come down, Edward holds tightly to his, hiding secrets that could destroy everything.

Kindred spirits in turbulence, they have found solace in one another. But will their newfound love survive the calm after the storm, when all debris is brought to light?


Amazon Best Seller

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